411S China or Taiwan


i got 2 of these liteon drives both were made in Taiwan.
Just checking by the cdfreaks review and my friends new drive they seem to be made in China.

Are all the new drives comming from China or is any one still getting the drives Made in Taiwan.

The Taiwan & China factories co-exist and makes the same things. When LiteON decided they needed more volyme they decided to build their new factory in China, cutting cost wherever they can.

Normally the earliest production cycles of a new model is made in the Taiwan factory and then they are moved to the china factory for the big volume production.

Much like plextor, the earliest batches is made in the Japan factory and the big volumes is made in the China factory.

So far there seems to be no quality difference at all.

I think my 411 is from Taiwan but Im not sure. When I remove the case, Ill have a look and let you know. However, your friend has little reason to worry because, Liteon being a top brand, will try to maintain the same quality over all their manufacturing plants. It’s widely known all major brands follow this bulk method to put together stuff because of profitability and efficiency in delivery.