411s, can't get it right


I bought my DVD recorder on October 2003. I never had it full working, which means that the only thing I took from this recorder was DVD-r expensive media (verbatim) that only works on table top dvd players, not on my own 411s… I could never conect the 411s to the secondary IDE ATA 100 (I had 3 HDD) so I had it conected to the primary IDE (for 40 conectors cable). I thought that the problems I had were due to not having the 411s conected with 80 conect cable on the ide ATA100. Yesterday I got rid of one of the HDD and conected the 411s to the secondary ide ata100. Now, every time I start a burn in nero my system hangs, even ctrl+alt+del can’t recover.

My system:

Athlon thunderbird 850mhz
Asus A7V via Apollo kt133
4in1 drivers
2 40gb hdd
hp cd-writer+
fs0h firmware
burning with nero

Note: when my system boots it shows udma 5 for both HDD and UDMA 2 for the 411s (master) and the HP(slave) which are both conected to the secondary ide ata 100

Any help wuld be appreciated

Thank you in advance

To help someone with similar problems:

First thing I did was updating firmware to fsoj patched with omnipatcher. Then I tried to burn dvd+r instead of dvd-r. It worked great even with cheap media (Medianca 2.4X) , all my laptop/desktop players could read it and, which is most important to me, my table top player. Then I found out that the nero crashing with dvd-r media was due to having the 411s conected to the primary ide ata 100. I put it back on the normal ide conector.
The only problem is that the dvd’s I burn with DVD-r media do not play in my laptop/desktop players. In the table top players they do play at the beginning, after 10 minutes or so they stop.
Although I’m happy for having solved the problem with DVD+R media, it still annoys me the fact that I gave 150€ (about 175 USD) for a recorder that is supposed to burn minus media too… and it doesn’t.

There is a problem with burners and your chipset, here is a thread that you might want to read http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=84865&highlight=kt133
I have an old PC with the same chipset but I have SCSI burners in that and all works fine, most people seem to fix the problem by purchasing a PCI IDE controller card.

Thanks for the concern. I checked the thread and found it interesting, but since I don’t experience those other problems (problems with video, file corruption, etc) and one of the guys said that he couldn’t solve the problem with DVD-R and Nero (stating that a separate ATA controller would be the way to go) I’m not going to take the chance. I’m producing high quality-wide compatibility-even with cheap media DVD+R which is very good for me now. Moreover, I’m starting a project to which I’m going to need to burn DVD’s and I better stick to this working solution. Nevertheless I will buy a new computer soon, I’ll try Pentium this time, and then I will try the 411 with it. Maybe then I will take my hat off to Liteon.

Tanks again