411S Burning Stats


Ok, this writer has some issues, hope they’ll fix 'em.
Here’s my little experience (I own the writer since less than a week)…

FS02 (out of the box)

2 burned @ 4x -> both good.

Included DVD+R
1 burned @ 4x -> good.

Network DVD-R (cheap crap)
1 burned @ 4x -> good; 1 burned @ 1x -> got 1 error but it’s readable.


Included DVD+RW
1 burned @ 4x -> good.

Network DVD-R (cheap crap)
2 burned @ 2x -> one good, one trashed :frowning:

What about yours?

6 coasters/7 working or marginally working

4 coasters/20+ working well

0 coasters/4 working well

Have to factor in some dodgy media I have been trialling there as well, hardly liteon’s fault when I feed it $1 DVD-R.

The 6 FS02 coaster were all G04 however :a


5 burned @ 1x -> all trashed


1 burned @ 1x -> can be read by burner itself
Pioneer 106s has a trouble to read it
Sampo 611 doesn’t read at all
probably will be trashed

Now that’s odd. I also have CompUSA 1x DVD-R (Princo). FS02 burned 3 that works in my Apex player. FS07 burned no working ones. FS0B burned 3 that work in both my Apex and RCA player, and the RCA seems to be pretty picky. Haven’t burned with FS0F yet.

I have to ask what software you’re using, since our results are so different. I use CopyToDVD.

Yes, let’s talk about software too…

I use Nero 6 and SonicDVD (given with the hardware)…


OptoDisc DVD-R-6 burns–2 coasters, 4 good burns at 2X on 4x media.
Memorex–DVD+R–35 burns–0 coasters-35 goodburns at 4X
Memorex-- DVD+RW-3 burns-0 coasters -3 good burns at 4X
Memorex–DVD-R–15 burns-0 coasters–15 good burns at 4X


OptoDisc DVD-R-2 burns–0 coasters, 2 good burns at 2X on 4x media
Memorex–DVD+R–45 burns–0 coasters-45 goodburns at 4X
Memorex-- DVD+RW-3 burns-0 coasters -3 good burns at 4X
Memorex–DVD-R–10 burns-0 coasters–10 good burns at 4X

All burns have played in every DVD-rom drive I’ve tried(6) and every DVD player I’ve tried(10). I haven’t ried every disc in all the players but the discs i did test would play in the stand alone DVD players. Even the Optocrap discs.

I use Nero 6, DVD Decrypter, and DVD Shrink

I just found out about FS0F. WIll have to try that this week.