411s burning (s)vcd

Just got back a newer 411s from rma and its even worse burning video files than the first 411s,it cant even play them after being burned,the lg dvd-rom plays them but not my apex 1500 which plays everything under the sun.The lg 48x burner i just took out burned everything perfect,i tried 4 different brands,mitsui,fuji.memorex and generic,all the same results.At least it burns dvd-/+r ok,hope a firmware fixes this problem.

This is new to me, what speed did you write the discs at? It performs best at 40X speed to my experience.

Wrote it at 24x,might add that backup and data cds burn ok on cdr.mpg2 files just dont seem to get burned properly when properly authored as svcd using nero or vcdeasy.Tried about 30 cds of all different brands with all different methods,tried on secondary master alone,primary slave,new 40 pin ide cable,defrag,no virus scanner running when burning,changed ide drivers on my nforce2 motherboard,no luck.

i am guessing it’s your power supply
i had that problem before too… audio cds and vcds burned on the 411s just don’t work on my standalone player while they play just fine on my pioneer 106s dvd rom drive.
So I took out the drive and installed it on my sister’s computer and everything’s good

got rid of my cheap 300w, got a 420w, back on track again
so try installing your 411s on another computer
Since you’ve already got a new one back i highly doubt that it’s a 411s problem.

Already got a 400w psu with good rail v and i can burn data and backup but not (s)vcd without errors.If it were my psu i would have other problems such as reboots and errors but i dont.I can encode for hours and play games with no instability.