411s bad kprobe with ricoh jpnr01

Hi ,
Ive got terrible kprobe graphs with the ricoh jpnr01 with pifs of over 70 average. Ritek G04s in comparison have pifs of 1 to 2 average not brilliant by NEC and Benq standards but ok. However they do play fine( the ricoh’s) so far at least on the 411 drive and the nero dvd speed graph is perfect. I am just wondering if it is best just to ignore the kprobe graphs or if they are an indication of likely future failure of the burnt dvd.
alternatively does anyone have a better write strategy to switch to. I have switched to ricoh m02 which is better than the original ricoh jpnr01 but is still pretty bad according to kprobe.

Some 411S drives do not report errors well. Use Nero CD-DVD Speed’s Benchmark/Transfer rate or ScanDisc test instead. If you get a smooth transfer rate graph and no errors with the scan disc test, then your burns are good :wink: