411S Backup Probs

I bought my LiteOn 411S burner back a few years back when it’s $70 price tag was amazing for a DVD burner and I have never had it working totally correctelly since. I don’t burn a lot of data onto DVD, mostelly backing up videos using DVD Shrink (latest version).

I haven’t messed with it for a whial untill the otherday… I backed up a few movies and they all burned fine at 4x. I am using DYNEX DVD+R 8x media and the latest firmware released this month from LiteOn.

Problem is playback… all of the 5 I backed up are very jerkey, freeze up my comp/settop DVD player… I can’t even play it in the drive I burned it from (well I can play 1 disk, somewhat).

And through all this time, I can’t play even original disks with this drive. They are all jerkey and crash like the burned copies do.

My question is what am I doing wrong? Should I try burning at 2x? Should I try to mod into a 811S?

My comp - AMD 2600+, ripping from a HATACHI GD-8000 (never done anything to the hatachi, never found any firmware updates or anything).

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Welcome…back :slight_smile: Long time since your last post.
You may want to post a few Kprobe 2.4.2 BLER scans of the offending discs scanned at 4x scan speed(the forum standard for comparison). After the scan(about 14 minutes) select the diskette icon on the toolbar before ejecting disc(this will give us the Media ID[RITEKR03?]), and save as a .png file. Attach to a post using the ‘manage attachments’ button in the ‘go advanced’ reply window. You can read Interpreting PI/PO error scans to find out what these graphs mean. You may just be using poor quality media. However, your 411S has been known to be a very poor reader in some instances :sad:. 2x burning won’t(shouldn’t?) help. When we see your results, upgrading your firmware/drive may be one suggestion.

I would love to run Kprobe, but after installing when I try to run it my comptuer just restarts… even when i’m running stock :stuck_out_tongue:

My 411s started doing the same kind of burns, so I ended up going back to FSOH and resetting the eeprom. This seems to have cleared up my issues, it may work for you. :slight_smile:

Can I “go back to FSOH” after I already flashed my drive to a 811S?

Yes, you can. You can use Flashfix on the original LiteOn .exe flasher to disable the version check or flash a .bin firmware file with ltnfw. If case you get a yellow flashing LED, restore your original eeprom backup (do NOT use any eeproms from different drives).

Wow… I think this is bad…
I am going to see how some Memorex media that I burned a whial ago does…

Date : 1/1/2005 7:19:47 PM
Model : 1-0-0-0 LITE-ON DVDRW LDW-811S HS0R
Disc : DVD+R , RITEKR03 [RiTEK Corporation]
Speed : 4x
ECC blocks sum (PI/PIF) : 8/1
Scanned range : 0 - 2286193
Sampling count : 122232
Errors : 0
PI Max : 931
PI Average : 690.30
PI Total : 12165956
PIF Max : 9
PIF Average : 3.95
PIF Total : 69594

Here is a scan from some MEMOREX DVD+R 4x’s
For some reason it kept scanning after it hit 100% and just read errors till I stopped it…

Date : 1/1/2005 7:39:29 PM
Model : 1-0-0-0 LITE-ON DVDRW LDW-811S HS0R
Disc : DVD+R , RICOHJPNR01 [Ricoh Company Limited]
Speed : 4x
ECC blocks sum (PI/PIF) : 8/1
Scanned range : 0 - 2285706
Sampling count : 120428
Errors : 386
PI Max : 1349
PI Average : 421.50
PI Total : 7394454
PIF Max : 127
PIF Average : 9.26
PIF Total : 162524

Oh and for some reason, EVERY DVD that I have backed up, even though I set the disk title in DVD Shrink, it’s being read as New… not sure why.

Humm maybe I shoulden’t trust Kprobe?
I just made a backup that when ran showed PI constantelly in the thousands… but it still played fine on my comp.

How did you make the 411@811 conversion ?

I did it via this method…
Works quite well…
Then I used Omnipatcher (or however you spell it) to do some final tweaks on the firmware.

I can now watch DVD’s from this drive fine with no jitter, rip them fast (before with my other drive they would rip at about 1,200KB/s in DVD Shrink, using the 411S@811S I can rip at about 5,000KB/s… seems like it could still rip faster don’t know why it doesn’t…
Plus burning on my media at 8x seemed to work better than doing it at 4x…