411s are they worth the trouble?

Ive persisted with my 411s for about three months now, as I dont like to be defeated by the barstard box(PC), but its wearing me down with this burner.
My 411s(FS0J) recognises all media so far that I have tried which is good for a 411 from what I have read, but it has always had trouble reading data that it has written. eg: It burns DVD and CDR without a hitch but once burnt it cant read its own data. It reads data OK that is burnt on other drives, and its burnt data can be read on other PC drives and stand alone players, but it has trouble reading its own data. Sometimes it does quite fine, this makes me think perhaps its a hardware issue that probably wont be resolved by firmware updates. Im no PC expert so I was looking for an opinion?

  1. Should I return the drive?, or do you think this drives problems can be resolved with firmware?

Ater 29 days of ripping my hair out with my 411s and 811s I returned them both and bought a 851s and havent had a single problem.
Dont know what the differences are in the drives but the 851s has burnt every disk I’ve thrown at it without a hitch and my sons ps2 reads them also.

ive been testing my 411 over the last few months at 411 and 811 and it has never burnt a dvd as good as my mates A05 pioneer burner, this 411 drive sux (just my opinion). ive got a 107D pioneer burner on order which will fix all dvd my problems…the 411 will stay in the computer as a dvd ripper and cd burner only

intially I have big problems with firmware just like everyone else on this forum but now after two more firmware upgrades all is fine burning with Alcohol120% drop data2cd or CopytoDVD, Blindwite, RNM, Deepburner all excelent results
Bought a bunch of x4 Riteks last week very cheap and again no problems whatsoever I have the burner hooked to my seconday IDE channel as master
next I’ll be looking to upgrade firmware to 811s just to see if I can burn a liitle bit faster

IMHO it’s faulty.

One thing nobody else complains of is that their 411S can’t read disks it’s written which other drives can read. It’s usually the other way round.

I’ve been a die-hard fan of all Lite-on products for many years but the 411s was put to market before it was finished.

I don’t know how much time and money I’ve wasted to find a media and a firmware combination that works with the 411s and my standalone. :a

Hopefully, future firmwares will make the 411s and 811s into quality Liteon products.

I seem to be one of the lucky ones with my 411s. I have had no problems with my 411s. I also bought an 851s (rebadged as a Pacific Digital) in that crazy Officemax substitution sale for $79.

My 411s was also manufactured in November 2003. It sounds like to me there was a batch of suspect drives from Aug-Oct. I am using firmware FS0F and I haven’t hacked it to be a 811s.

My 851s works great too. I do notice it seems to read the disks quicker.

I bought my 411s at Bestbuy during Xmas time. My brother bought the same drive in another state at Bestbuy as well. His 411s is manufactured in November as well.

Good luck.