411S and Princo DVD-R

I’ve just brought a new LiteOn 411S and the same shop sold me 20 Princo DVD-R (4x). When I insert one into my writer it doesn’t recognize it: the green light blinks for some seconds, then the software I use to burn (Nero says “No media inserted”.
I tried the two disks in bundle with the recorder (a DVD+R and a DVD+RW) and I was able to record them. I tried also to update firmware to the latest stable ver but nothing changes… could it be damaged? Or is there a problem between my recorder and Princo DVD-R?
How can I solve? Thanks!

Hi, and welcome! :slight_smile:

I’ve seen about 10 different types of 4X princo discs, end there is 2-3 of those that works in very few writers. Probably those You got is from one of these 2-3 types.

I’ve successfully recorded some types of princo 4X with the LDW-411S with firmware FS0B, so the drive do support princo in general, but there is these few types that is causing problems.

I would advise you to take the discs back and change them to something else if possible.


I have two different batches of Bulkpaq 4x DVD- (Princo) and one batch works okay and the other gives the same issue as you have, check the discs for uneven dye spread, either at the edges or the inner, Princo dont have the manufacturing process 100% at the moment.


… the LiteOn is ok, but it don’t like each media, especially ‘minus’
. . is a bit difficult … take some Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden … or take
. . any DVD+R, seems a bit better at this moment.

… btw , all I read in (other) forums about Princo isn’t as good as their price,
. . seems it’s one of the worst media you can buy, many users
. . have problems, often successfully burned DVD’s are unreadable, direct or after a couple of weeks,
. . I would say ‘wasted money’ !?

Thanks for your replies!
The only think I can try is to update my firmware to 0B (now I’ve 07 “official”).
Could it help? Or is it better to wait a new “official” firmware?

You won’t see a huge difference between 07 and 0B, but on certain media there is a noticable difference. Not always an improvement.

I’ve just tried the new update… nothing changes :-/
Tomorrow I’ll go back to the shop to change them… THANKS!

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