411S and positive FS0B results!

Yesterday, prior to FS0B (using FS07) tried to burna DVD. Would not work in a stand alone Pioneer DVD but worked with PS2 and the PC DVD reader.

Today burnt the same media (Reitek clone) and FS0B but at 2 x speed for a change. Also tried the same on Verbatim +RW.

Both works perfectly. Maybe FS0B has solved some issues. Now how can I get hold of a mirror one to try without buying 25 at a time?

Don’t buy mirror, they are made by AN31 and sucks. Only works at 1X in the Lite-On as well.

well it doesn;'t seem to have done anything for me, i thought i was all fixed and up and running after nothin working, finaly discs will burn and now suddenly i got discs gettin errors that worked with fs07 oddly enough and now the same disc is gettin a illegal disc error.

plus the playback in my dvd player is terrible, on my pioneer drive the playback is perfect right the way thrugh films, on the same discs, with the lite-on the movie stop like every 10 secs or so n starts again then i got loads of blacks on the screen and the picture goin very fuzzy

so i dunno wot to do i want this drive but i dont want these problems.

Can it be your media?