411s and Hollywood Plus DVD Station


I have a rather “interesting” problem here. I play all my overseas DVDs through my PC, using a Hollywood Plus Hardware decoder, which is hooked up to the VCR. This works perfectly using my LTD-165H and in the past, using the old Toshiba drive I had. The weird thing is, that the DVD Station (the player software that comes with the Hollywood Plus card) doesn’t recognise any disk in the 411s.

It doesn’t really bother me, since I can use the 165h but nevertheless, it is a bit strange and doesn’t really make sense. Before I got the 411s, I had a CD Burner in the PC and whenever I put a VCD or SVCD in it, DVDStation would play it. As mentioned above, it plays flawlessly in the 165H but whenever a DVD or VCD is in the 411s, it claims, there’s no dosk in the drive.

Does anybody have an idea what the cause of this is?


using 811s with hollywood+ using xp drivers + utobia dvd station software. only problem had was conflict with zone selector & any dvd kicked zone selector off works perfect now hope this helps

Cheers mate :slight_smile: I’ll give that a shot.