411S and bad sector

My 411S makes now bad sectors with DVD-R, with VERBATIM too (scanned with Nero CD-DVD Speed, the files are unreadable)!!!
What can I do?

Can I contact LiteOn support?
How? :bow:

you can send liteon a report here http://www.liteonit.com/ODD/English/e_service/e_p_report.asp

they`ll probley tell you to update to latest f/w and buy quality +R media.

But verbatim are DVD-R quality media!!!

i agree but try telling that to my 811s http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?p=685043#post685043. liteons prefer +R media

I know it, but my money bag prefers DVD-R :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

you should be able to find decent + discs for the price you pay for you verbatim -R`s.

You can get good ricohjpn ridata +r discs in a 100 pack for ~$40 on newegg. My 411s loves them.

But now, my old DVD-R are unreadable :frowning:
You think my 411S is defective?
May I contact LiteOn support?
Or should I buy a NEC 3500?

If you get Liteon to exchange your 411s under warranty, the drive you receive in exchange is unlikely to be any better. I recently exchanged an 811s – twice, in fact. The first RMA replacement would read, but would not write. The second RMA replacement works, but gives bad results when writing to any media other than RICOHJPNR01. And the results when writing above the 4 gig mark are always bad. And Kprobe scans at 4x look terrible, I have to use 6x.

In short, yes, I would recommend the purchase of a Nec 3500 or a Benq 1620.

My 411S seems to have given up the ghost recently. I have a ton of CMC Magnetics DVD+Rs, and I used to get pretty good results with them all of the time. Then one day last week, I got an error when verifying a burn with Nero. Tried it again and got the same thing. Then I tried it using DVD Decryptor instead and again got an error while verifying.

I tried it using different firmware, different burning programs, and even in different computers. I also tried to use the EEPROM utility to get rid of the learned calibration data.

I tried a DVD+RW and it worked fine and a RICOHjpn DVD+R also worked, but the drive seems to hate CMC blanks now. (I also had an error with a couple of CDs I did in the last week).

I’ve got a Benq 1620 on order from Newegg that I should be getting today. Hopefully it’ll work out better.