411S@881S & DataWrite Grey

As my sig shows, I have a 444S@811S. I’m exclusively using DataWrite Classic x8 (Greys) with my 2 NEC drives and get good results @ both 4x and 8x burn (although the 4x is better). At £5-99 for 25 these are a really good buy - and from my experience are more compatable (on stand alones) that Ritek -Rs.

Downside is that the LiteOn hates these disks - is there any FW out there (for the LiteOn) which will enable me to burn the Greys??

To get any help you should post the media code of your disks.

I think they are fujifilm03. Nobody has reported a strategy switch, to date, that improves the burning of these discs. :sad:

Nowdays nobody can be sure about media only by checking the labeling. They can also be prodisc s03 or even ritekG04, both 4x media… MID please… MID. :wink:
DVD Identifier

BTW, why not make swap and put the old trusty “811” in external enclosure. I can ensure you, NEC´s can handle that kind of media much better then a Litey. :cool:

I can because I looked at [post=632909]this post[/post] by the thread starter. :stuck_out_tongue:

Apologies for not identifying the disk code - C0deKing is correct they are fujifilm03 (well spotted my original test thread!).

By the way Pinto2 - I’ve just moved the LiteOn from the external case to my main desktop - useful for KProbe2.

I wanted to use the external drive as a portable with my laptops and to enable data backup of third party systems (part of my job)

Thanx all for the replies - looks like I’m stuck with using the LiteOn for music CDs and KProbe tests - for now at least