411s = 812s?

I wanted to buy a 812S but all the shops around here only has 411S, which they labeled as 8x8?

Did Liteon update 411S firmware to 8x8 and repackaged it 8x8 box, so people can’t update 812S to DL?

Huh? The shops probably messed up. There’s no way the 411S can to 8x -R with its broken chipset.

Well, no mess up by the shops. I check, recheck, ask all the guys at the shop, then went to another nearby shop, all carrying the 411S box labeled as 8X for DVD+/-RW!!!

They said this was a brand new batch, so maybe something strange or fishy has been done by Liteon, knowing that there are people who are upgrading their 812S to 832DL?!!!

Box labeling aside, did you actually look at a drive to see what model it was?

good question, no didn’t open it :stuck_out_tongue: does anybody have a shot of the actually 812S drive?

LiteOn, and various OEMS, are well known to substitute later model drives. But it will clearly state the drive model on the case.

You can see a shot of the drive and the retail box in the second page of the review posted here: http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/141/2
This 411S stuff doesn’t sound all correct!

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yes the LDW411 is clearly stated on the box, too bad I didn’t ask to see inside. I will do that if I get a chance in this couple of days.

yes confirmed that 411 box contains the 812S, which is now about USD25 cheaper than last week.