411S>811S won't recognize RITEKG04 blanks

I have a 411s which started acting up and wouldn’t recognize my RITEKG04 DVD-R blanks. Basically the drive would just spin and spin and after a few ejects would finally read the blank and let me burn. Now it’s getting worse to the point where the drive refuses to recognize them. Unfortunately it’s passed the warranty period. Here’s what I’ve tried:

  1. Updated to latest firmware and firmware that is supposed to be ideal for dvd-r. Noticed that after flashing, it would recognize the first blank but none after.
  2. Flashed to 811s, tried latest firmware + others supposed to be ideal for dvd-r.
  3. Used the forceaspi tool to load 4.60.

Nothing works. However, the drive does recognize Maxell 8x DVD-R, MXLRG03 media. This is my second spindle of G04s, the first batch worked flawless. This batch seems to be crap, inner ring numbers start with J4 while my first batch was H4.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I think it’s the media. Ritek G04 have become notoriously bad for being variable in quality. One batch can produce fantastic results and the next will be a disaster. Keep your drive happy and feed it with +R media. Use the OmniPatcher auto bitsetting option if you need compatibility with DVD players…

CodeKing, are there any particular R+ you can recommend for this drive? I too am having to ditch G04s which have worked consistently well in the past.

Check the F.A.Q. for LiteOn Optical Drives

Took your advice and got some TY 8x +R YUDEN000T02 media. My drive does recognize the disks but the burns are horrible, PI/PIF scans are really high and transfer curve is all jagged. Currently using the omnipatched HS0E firmware. Some questions:

  1. Approx how many burns until the drive “learns” the media?
  2. My maxell MXL RG03 -R media is not burning well either, currently using the G04 write strategy. Anyone found a better write strategy with this media?

I’m starting to think this drive is on it’s last legs. I’ve only burned about 65 dvds on this drive so quite disappointed. Question is do I cut my losses and give up on this drive? Will converting back to a 411s improve my burns since I don’t really need 8x?

@ Soler
Do these discs play/read OK? I know you said the transfer curve is bad, but there have been cases where a 411 or 811 produces some bad Kprobe scans on perfectly OK discs, particularly TY’s. If they truly are bad burns, you may wish to use the EEPROM Utility to ‘reset learnt media’. Then it may take 3 or 4 burns to ‘relearn’ and produce consistently good results. For some reason, I usually see immediate good results.

Well I’ve only burned two +R disks. One was just data for backup purposes at 8x (first burn at 8x) so the computer reads it fine. Transfer curve had spikes right in the beginning and was fine after that.

Second was a ps2 backup burned at 2.4x and the ps2 had trouble reading it, choppy music etc…

Originally started out with patched HS0R firmware but now running HS0E since I read a post about HS0E being one of the better firmware for the drive. Guess i should stick to one firmware…