411s@811s Taking 1hr22mins to wirte a 4x dvd+r


i did the 411s to 811s a while back. but now whenever i try to burn a dvd it takes 1hr22mins for a full 4gig dvdr which is 4x.

my computers specs are as follows:
AMD XP 1.4ghz
1gb ddr pc2100 ram
ata100 maxtor 120gig hdd and a ata100 100gig WD hdd

Also i used Zebra mods tutorial and the firmware the burner has is HSOK.

ANY idea please let me know asap. this is very frustrating. for some reason dvd decrypter and nero want to burn @ .5x not 4x. and same with Clone dvd and DVDXcopy Express.

also on a few dvd+rw coasters, when u look at the burned section the disc looked liked it had chicken poks. there wre dots everywere. wat does this mean?

Do you have DMA enabled?

Sounds like problems with DMA. Make sure it’s turned on. Run Nero CD-DVD Speed, and do the burst rate test. Your results should be in the 20-30 range.

yeah im pretty sure my dma is enabled. ill do the nero burst speeed. after this 1 burn finishes. and post the results.

if ther are any other possiblites let me know

yeah i have DMA if aviable checked but it says its o PIO.

damn. any idea y?

In device manager, remove the channel that you burner is on, then let windows redect it. I’m assuming you are on xp?

yeah im in XP. ok so just uninstall and reinstall?

GREAT now i get a it can’t find a driver for “HDC” wtf is this?

Did you uninstall the channel and then click scan for hardware changes? Can you give us the full specs of your system, all your hardware devices?

got it working. the Via drivers were old or something i just dled the NEW Miniport IDE TOOL and it works now. and burns @ 4x. WOOT WOOT and @ 8x actuall 8x not 1h33mins 8x…lol

via drivers… beurk…

How are your drive connected ? 1channel, 2nde channel ? … Are your disks fragmented ? Is the imapi service running ? …

Glad to hear you got it working. Let us know if you have any other problems. I used to have so many problems on my system because of those damn via chipsets.

yep. i wanna get nforce but once i get money i will upgrade.

caution, in fact if you buy a mobo, read the dedicated forum before…
nforce is good with some mobo and bad with others… same with via (but i don’t like it anymore…)
one of the best nforce mobo is the asus a7n8x http://uk.asus.com/products/mb/socketa/a7n8x-e-d/overview.htm