411s@811s question

Since z-modding my 411s, I’ve burned 5 discs (all RICOHJPNR01) at 8x with no problem but I noticed one thing in common on all 5 - twice during the burn, I will see the LED go yellow for a second or so, as the drive revs up. Nero shows the drive buffer staying at >80% the whole time. Is it normal to get a yellow light when the burn speed shifts 4-6-8 on the 811s? I’ve had pretty good kprobe results on all 5 discs and they all played fine in a standalone. Also, there is no visible indication on the discs of where the yellow LED events took place, and the write does not fade toward the outer edge.

(edit: Almost forgot, HS0K FW)

the yellow light is a fact of life with z-cav writing. it is when the drive is stopping write to spin the speed back up to top rpm.

it should happen at 4% and 30% with a full disc and on mine it will sometimes make a pi/po spike at those locations.