411s@811s problem with 8x dvd-r

I have my 411s upgraded to 811s just fine. I also modified the firmware HSOR with MediaCodeSpeedEdit to add my media, CMC MAG. AM3 disk. These disks are Memorex 16x DVD-R.

I was hoping to get at least 8x out of these, but I’m stuck at 4x. The default 811 firmware didnt even have these disk, so I added them with MCSE. Then I set the speed to 2x,4x,6x,8x and reflashed.

I did notice other DVD-R listed in the official firmware. So I assume that the 811 will burn at 8x with -R’s.

But, Omnipatcher reports that the max speed for DVD-R is 4x.


Any ideas how to get to 8X ??

8X is only for the +R 4X is the max for-R :sad:
i have the original 811s shipping box and red it for you
now i know why i saved it or perhaps it will be a collectors item for musea
and i get my 149euro back [pricetack was also on it ] :wink:

hi all,
i have probs whith my 411s
please help me

i have flash it 411s to 811s, all is OK
but last times DVDR are bad burn, now i will downgrade it to 411s, the probs is I loose my backup eeprom for 411s :sad:

can everbody send me backup eeprom for 411s :iagree:

plz send me to: nobo123@gmx.de


try first reset learnt media ,worked for me 811s :clap:

i need original eeprom backup from liteOn LDW 411s

can anyone send me plz

Eeprom’s are unique to every drive.

Each drive are calibrated and the specific data stored in the eeprom and only valid for this drive.

You could be lucky and get a copy of an eeprom, that will give you a decent burn, but most likely you will get a bad copy and get bad burns.

OK… i understand
how can i get Driver ID 411s and not 811s ! ?

because i have warranty, ill send it back

You voided your warranty when you crossflashed the drive to a 811S.

yes i know
but i have probs bevor i have flashed, but after flashed the pobs are teh same as bevor
now will send back with id 411

can you help me

you must flash with the backup of your 411s’ eeprom and then flash with a 411s firmware. if you don’t have an eeprom backup, it’ not possible to return.
anyway, drives are so cheap nowadays, it’s not worth messing around with a 411s i think.