411S@811S patcher doesnot work

The V4 patcher of the 411S@811s doesnot provide a patched binary file. E.g. in the command line " patcher org.bin mod.bin" does not generate a mod.bin file. Patcher is in same dir as org.bin file… Any suggestions anyone?

Any error messages? Directory has write permissions?

I’ve found since updating to WinXP Pro SP2 that the v4 patcher no longer works. I suggest trying to run it on a PC with an OS other than Win XP SP2 if that is the OS you are using, I found that this fixed the problem for me.

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No error messages and the write permissions are OK. I do have SP2 by the way so this might be the prob… I will have to put the drive in a SP1 PC and try again…

Many thanks!!

@Pier1912: Why the drive? Modding the .bin on a non-XPSP2 is sufficient.
Just copy the file onto the XPSP2’s PC (with the drive) afterwards and flash it back.