411s@811s kprobe anomaly?

Not sure if this is a problem or not, but here is the situation.

I am running a 411s@811s HS0Q. I burnt a movie last night and didn’t kprobe scan it until this morning. I ran the scan (it’s Taiyo dvd+r media and it came out with 30 avg pi (max 79), 0.00 avg pif (max 2)). I noticed that I had left the driver set at SPTI last time I had run it (I always play around with stuff). Wondering what the difference would be, I set the driver to ASPI and re-ran the scan.

I ended up killing the scan at 25% because I already had max pi’s of 160 and a total pif count higher than the previous scan (let me repeat, this was the same exact disc, re-scanned with ASPI about 5 minutes after the SPTI scan ended).

I switched the driver back to SPTI, restarted the scan and got bad results again. So which of the 3 scans can I trust? I want to go with the first since it gave the best results… :bigsmile:

Anybody got any ideas? I am at work and don’t have the images to upload, but I run kprobe at 4x, no realtime or any of that stuff…just the regular way that is recommended on this forum.


All 3 scans are correct. KProbe does nothing but display what your drive is reporting. The subject of varying scan results has been covered many times before.