411S@811S getting picky about playback

In the past, this drive was always good about reading even cheap media (I have some Leaddata DVD-Rs that have PI errors in the 700s that it used to read/play just fine) but I have some recent burns that it seems to have trouble with. What I’m getting is sort of like pixellation on my monitor during playback. And my NEC 2500 reads all these discs just fine.

The discs I’ve tried:

  1. Sony/Leaddata DVD+R (8x). Scans as high PI, very low PO. (PI in the 300-350 range right from the start)

  2. Ritek DVD-R (G03). Still high PI and low PO, but lower PI (just under 200).

  3. KMA DVD-R (Interaxia AG). Again, high PI, low PO.

Again, all these discs play fine in my NEC.

So, does this mean my LiteOn is failing? Or is something else going on?