411s@811s bad results with TY +R's

I just burned my first YUDEN000T02 DVD+R’s I bought from rima.com. The results aren’t what I expected. I attached 5 pics(I know it’s a lot). All of the pics are from the same ISO image burned with latest version of DVD Decrypter. The last pic is from a burn(NERO 6) with TY DVD-R that was pretty good. I don’t understand why these +R burns are so bad. BTW, the first +R I burned was the top disc, the second was a random disc near the middle of the spindle.

Try an EEPROM reset.

What exactly does that mean? I assume it has something todo with the EEprom_Utility, but do a restore eeprom, repair checksum or what?

reset learnt media

That’s a common result when scanning T02 media with a 411/811 drive.
That “mountain” at the begining is typical for most of these drives.
I propose that if you scan the same discs on another drive you will find that the results are acceptable.

I went through 3/4 of a 50PK Fuji DVD+R spindle, 1/2 of a Sony 50PK DVD+R spindle (both YUDEN000T02), 1/3 of a 25PK Maxell DVD+R spindle, a NEC ND-3500A and finally a SOHW-1633S which indicated that all previous burns were fine (contrary to the indication of the 811S scans).

My experience with the EEPROM Utility Tool, both drives that I tried it on displayed servo errors immediately after using the tool and will no longer complete a KProbe scan.

I agree with Nemesys, the fuji T02`s that i scanned came out horrible but the discs are fine. see my thread here