411S@811S --- Bad Burn Results --- Help Needed

First and foremost, I did this a while back, and I used this guide. http://www.xs4all.nl/~wcprins/411at811.htm I did it before I knew about cdfreaks, and I’m not sure how much it differs. Anyway, I used the HSOK Hacked firmware that was included with the package. The first picture is of an 8x burn done with that firmware. The second picture is of results when I used omnipatcher, and patched the hack firmware to optimize the Rico J01 media code. Both results look terrible to me. Should I try to flash my drive with different firmware? What would you recomend? I’m scared that if I don’t use a firmware off of the link I gave, official releases wont work, since it’s 411S@811S and I used that method. Any suggestions are welcomed. (The first test results were posted here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=103534 and the attachment in this post is the result of the patched hacked firmware.)

Ok this seems to get worse and worse. I flashed the firmware that was non hacked, from codeguys I think, and at first it didn’t work, the orange led just flashed. I then patched the firmware with omni, and ticked “Fix the dead drive blink” and the flash worked. I then burned at 8x, as before. I know this media is good, from what people have said. Is my burner bad, any ideas at all? Seems to screw up right in the middle to the end.

Try to scan at 4x speed!

Hard to tell… sometimes the upgrade 411@811 can go wrong.
From what I can see you used unauthorized (and old) patch… :confused:

Sign in HERE for the real thing. Look for Zebra patch… :wink:

The bad news is, I don’t have my original eeprom or firmware, as it was lost in a hard drive format, and it completly slipped my mind to back it up!! :sad: :sad: So even if I got the official patch, am I still screwed? BTW, I did a scan at 4x, still looks terrible!! Guess I better buy a 1213S :wink: !

Well, I was going to suggest you head over to www.speedlabs.org for some more advice on this, but…considering you have lost your EEPROM, there is little point. =\