411s@811 question/problem



Ive had this drive for quite sometime never had any probs burned hundreds of discs dvd +/- no probs… cd no probs…just recently I purchased a stack of fuji dvd-r 8x…hmm only burn at 1x not cool…update firmware ok works at 4x like supposed to…buy new stack of fuji dvd-r 8x BUT now made in taiwan back to 1x no newer firmware available…up till now drive was still 411s…decide to flash eeprom and change to 811s all goes well BUT with same fuji taiwan discs max burn speed is now 2x…using newest 811s firmware patched from codeguys BUT not altered in any way I did not use omnipatcher…what are my options…btw Im using linux and to do any drive mods like flashing and what not I have to remove drive and use another comp…am I screwed or???


What’d you use to flash the EEPROM, and did you make a backup?


codeguys tools and yes I have a backup


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