411S / 451S - KProbe scans

Hello, anyone tried Kprobe scans (DVD-R) using “new” 451S drive? I had 411S and it measured correctly (=discs that have problems on standalone DVD player reported high error rates on the part of graph (mainly at the end). But now we bought another 411S, but after unpacking I read 451S on label, oK. Connected and tried to scan my KNOWN refernce DVD-R disc. They are read “perfectly” with nearly no error through all the disc. It cannot be true, 411S gives much more correct measurement.
Anyone can tell anything to it, please?
Also what about 811S ?? and now there is even 851S :-(((
(I think our days of measuring are lost, since it is almost impossible to get 411S :-(, only 451S are in stocks.

Let us know. Thanks.

Hi and welcome! :slight_smile:

I don’t know for the LDW-451S and 851S.

But LDW-401S, LDW-411S and LDW-811S seems to be reporting errors in the same way.

Time will show - maybe I get my hands on such a drive in the future…

It cannot be true, 411S gives much more correct measurement.

This is not at all unusual, different drives read differently, even “identical” drives. The 451 supposedly has a new PUH, so it may just be reading better. In any case, comparing scans from different drives will always be misleading, so just go with what you get from the 451 and be happy. you can always chsk transfer rate tests to see if it’s readin at full speed.