411 to 811 questions



Hi, this is my first post :bigsmile:

  1. I have a stock 411 drive and I upgraded the firmware to an 811 one. What are the benefits for having the 811 firmware besides burning at a faster speed? any new upgraded features?

  2. Will the hacked 411@811 drive be able to burn dual layer 8.xGB disks if the firmware is upgraded in the future?

  3. Is it possible to further the upgrade from the 411@811s firmware to whatever? or is that the latest upgrade you can get?

  1. Upgrading firmware is NOT enough!!! :eek: You must modify (patch) your original 411S EEPROM (by using Zebra mod). Otherwise, Nero will offer You 8X speed recording, but the recording will fail due to lack of 8X speed calibration data in 411S EEPROM.

  2. 99.9999% sure it will NOT.

  3. When you successfully upgrade your 411S to a 811S, you can then use any 811S firmware (HS0E, HS0K, HS0P, HS0Q, …). But that is all. Another “upgrade” like 8x DVD-R writing or Dual Layer is unlikely.


I appreciate your help and your reply :slight_smile:

about the upgrading firmware part, that was just a summary of what I did. I followed the correct steps on converting the firmware to 811s.

Ok i just downloaded the latest firmware…should I download the preceding firmware updates? or does the latest firmware carry all the fixes?


Yeah, but you spoke only about firmware. I wanted to be sure you patched your EEPROM too.

Latest firmware is HS0Q, it can be found @ http://www.liteonit.com/ODD/English/e_downloads/e_firmware_dvd%20rw.asp?Flag=1&Item=DR8HS0Q&Model=LDW-811S

I have 411S@811S too and I like most fw. HS0K - it is giving me best burns for both DVD+R & DVD-R medias. You can try yourself HS0K, HS0P, HS0Q and see which one suites your drive best.

P.S. Older firmwares are not downloadable from LiteOn’s site, but You can get them here: http://dhc014.rpc1.org/indexOEM.htm
Most of them are in binary form so you have to use LtnFW utility to flash them into th drive. !! DON’T FORGET TO SELECT CORRECT DRIVE !!


Thanks for the links

  1. if i’m running the HS0Q firmware, How will I be able to downgrade to an HS0K?

eg. i have 411@811, and I want to downgrade it back to a 411

  1. How can you tell if one firmware works better than the other? are there utilities to find that out?

  2. How will I know which media is good quality when I buy them?
    is there a way to test them?

  3. How do I determine the quality of the media, so the burns will be able to last long (so i won’t get an error where the drive can’t read the media in a couple of years)?


OK houler, here we go…

  1. You can downgrade with help of FlashFix, LtnFW, and other tools. Don´t worry. Visit toolsection and/or use google/“SEARCH” button at top of page.
    You will find a lot more useful tools in Ssseth´s sticky, also at top of page. :wink:
    >>411, revert the process you just did… forum at speedlabs.org is also helpful.

  2. You never can. Drives are individual, like members on this board.

  3. Visit the Media section and DVD-media test, and you will get some hints.

  4. Basically you never can. But you can test the quality of your burns with KProbe, also found in Media section.

Welcome and good luck with your “new” drive. :cool:


cool beans! thanks for the quick reply