411 messed up - Need a miracle

Had just overclocked my 451 to 851 a fantastic job, thanks to everyone.
So I had a go at my sons 411s.
Backed up EPROM - Backed up Bios - wrote a patched copy of my EPROM and flashed with 811 Bios HS0Q.exe after using flashfix and all hacks available. Worked great
on DVD+R at 8x and CD-R but there was no improvement with DVD-R or DVD-RW or DVD+RW
or even multisession CD-RW.

I reflashed with Ltnflash to HSTQ.bin from dhc014.rpc1.org - some improvement so I
used speed hack on it and reflashed. I may have left a DVD rom in the drive and now
the drive will not recognise any disc except a blank DVD+R in Nero.

I have tried everything I have read about in the Forums mtkflash all Ver. 3 computers -

all programs report sucsess but all I get is “Please Insert A Disk in Drive D” after it tries to read it for 1 minute.

Reloading my backups get me back to a 411 - I have used /m in mtkflash and update boot code in ltnflash but no joy.

Where is/was my Unique Calibration Data stored ? Is there a memory area other than the EPROM and Bios? When should /M and “Update Boot Code” be used.
Sorry for long post, Please Help

Improve DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW or CD-RW ??? :eek:
You make a 411s to a 811s, read first the Specification from the 411s and 811s, then you can see what you can improve.
411s: DVD+R 4x, DVD-R 4x, DVD+RW 4x ,DVD-RW 2x, CD-R 40x, CD-RW 24x
811s: DVD+R 8x, DVD-R 4x, DVD+RW 4x ,DVD-RW 2x, CD-R 40x, CD-RW 24x
So far as you can see, the only improvement ist in DVD+R ! :iagree:

If mtkflash not works, your drive is posibly dead, by a new one. :frowning:

By a Nec2500A: DVD+R 8x, DVD-R 8x, DVD+RW 4x ,DVD-RW 2x, CD-R 24x, CD-RW 16x, Exelent Brunquality also on Cheap-Media ~90€
or the new Nec2510A: same as Nec2500A with Dual-Layer-Support ~115€

My reason for upgrading 411 to 811 was not to burn DVD+R at 8x but so that i could use the more recent bios upgrades available for the 811. I hoped that this would improve the writers performance on all media even up to 851 standards. Thanks for the Sympathy Dababbe

If you have a copy of your original epprom and firmware you should just have to flash them back.

The only correct way to turn a 411 into an 811 is with the zebra mod, the epprom has to be modified for the upgrade to work correctly.

Do a search on this forum for zebra mod and then head over to www.speedlabs.org and do a search for zebra mod to get the files and correct instructions that you need, to do it correctly

here is the thread on this forum that you need to read


and here http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=89542

Haha - juxter. Your miracle just came by. ;).

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Thanks IceBerg,
I did use Zebras Mod 4 to modify my Epprom and I have a copy of the original Epprom and the modified Epprom and the original bios or flash. But flashing back the originals with Mtkflash or ltnflash does not help and the drive is then recognised as 411 and appears as normal except it will not read any disk. If I use Ltnflash to compare my original Bios on disk with the same Bios in the drive it reports identical whether I use update boot code or not or if I flash with Mtkflash. The odd thing is that the drive is recognised in Explorer DVD-R. Does anybody have a suggestion.

Something is far from normal here. I made a post here last night in an attempt to help you out…and now its gone?! Just what is going on here?

Anyway - I can help you out here. Please feel free to drop by my IRC server/channel. The guys will be most happy to accomodate you in this situation…


Why is everyone talking about flashing firmwares, MtkFlash, changing EEPROMs, etc., when the problem has nothing to do with any of that?

The EEPROM has nothing to do with the ability to recognize discs. Furthermore, your comparisons showing that the firmware is identical means that the flash has gone off well and that it’s not the firmware that’s at fault. Reflashing it over and over again will do nothing for you.

Try making sure that your system configuration is okay, etc.


Pointing to an IRC channel defeats the whole purpose of the forum as a place to ask and answer questions. Future viewers of this thread will be unable to see the solution and the responses. Matters that get asked in the forum should be resolved in the forum whenever possible.