411@811s TTH02 & MCC 03RG20 big probs

I have also use TDK TTH02, with the d?t I them burn x2 without modif of the firmware then one day, impossible to burn (burn stop-freeze at 1-2% one files 4.3Go). I had modify firm HS0R by using the TTG02 strategy for the TTH02. Burning OK in x2 and x4 on 4 dvd. Since impossible to burn these dvd, my burner blocks at 1-2% .

I have replaced TTH02 by of Verbatim MCC 03RG20.
Without modifying the firmware, impossible to burn them. I decide to apply MCC 02RG20 strategy for this . The burner recognize them in x2-x4 but cannot always burn them (burn stop-freeze at 1-2%)!!!

There is a firmware miracle ? to burn these new media or I must throw a dustbin my burner.

A solution please !!!


burning modern media on an old burner like yours is really a problem if that works at all. In addition, Verbatim and TDK media come from different manufacturers even if there is the same media code.

The best solution would really be getting a new drive (about 40 €) or getting old, 8x rated media.