411@811s question

Hello All. I’ve successfully converted my 411s to a 811s and have a couple of questions. First: Is it possible to upgrade the firmware for the 811s since the firmware now says “hacked” Second: What media is best, or rated for that matter to burn at 8x? Anyway my memorox 4x dvd-r’s can do it?

No. The 811S is only capable of writing +R @ 8x. That is the only speed difference between the 411S & 811S. -R media still writes at a max of 4x.

If you used the newest mod4 from speedlabs then you should now be able to upgrade firmware like normal. Of course if you want to go backwards in firmware you will have to use one of the fw tools found in my tools guide like normal.

Where might I find this mod m4?? I only see regular firmware from speedlaps for 811s

If you’ve alredy converted the drive then why do you need to convert it again?.. :confused:

You have to sign up then it is in the member’s area I think.

well that hacked fimrware ever work at burning 8x dvd-r at 8x ? cause 8x + is kinda high $

There are people working on -R 8x. But we’ll just have to wait and see.

If you do a search there are some great 4x +R discs that will burn fine on the 811S = less money :smiley:

PS- If anyone has that list of media codes could you please post it here, I couldn’t find it.