411@811 Problem with burning cds

I have problem with burning cds. Nero shows successful burn, but it is unreadable. The thing is I dont have this kind of problem with DVD+R.
I have aspi installed and the newest nero version. OS is Winxp with SP1.

oh btw I tried this with HS0K and HS0P. Both gave the same result.

Tried a different burning application yet?

not yet, I really like nero though.
Any suggestion on which program to use? I mainly copy Data cds and bin/cue images.

can you post the media info and a scan of the disc with kprobe? that will help determine if it is a burner or image problem

Try the bundled RecordNow that came on the MyDVD disc.

Had a similar problem, but not as drastic. My dvd players choked on cdr burns from my 811S, even though the C1/C2 scans run on the 811s showed that the burn was near perfect. Running Kprobe with the same cdr on my LTR-40125 cdrw showed 100-200 level C1 errors at the very beginning of the disc and much less after that. Tried the gamut of writing speeds, software and different cyanine media that I had with little change. I was thinking of returning the drive. It does however burn good dvd-r that I’ve tried. Then recently tried phthalocynanine cdrs and the 811s burns those perfectly. Weird…