411@811 NoGo --> LiteOn NoGo

It seems that most of the 411@811 conversations have vaporized, it’s becoming very quiet around this topic.

I have not yet found any proof that the 411 and 811 hardware are not identical, nor that the 411 can not be upgraded to a 811.
But also have not found any proof that it can be done successfully.

Upgradability was one of the key factors for LiteOn’s CD recorders popularity.
It seems that they are taking a different road for the DVD recorders.
LiteOn lost an important selection criterium: upgradability.

For my next drive LiteOn will not be on top of the list anymore.
I think many former LiteOn afficionados will feel the same.

Personally I still think that it is technically possible to upgrade the 411 to a 811.

There is enough of those whining threads already. You got what you paid for and probably more as it was probably cheaper than most other drives along with better specs (4X +RW, 40X read/write + 24X rewrite).

Thread closed.