411>811 (External) Overburning Capabilities

Does anyone have any info or experience using 90 & 100 minute cdrs on this drive? I am now using HSOR mod with success but would like to archive some 90 & 100 min. cassettes. Thanks.


It can overburn up to 99 minutes :). See this page of the original CDRLabs 811S review.

Hi there,

I have tested an original 811s in the past for that purpose and achieved 99,7 min :slight_smile:
The files in those CD’s were readable using several PC CD/DVD drives and scanning C1/C2 was good.

In my case they were not Music CD’s; but a couple of them… VCD’s … that I tried to play in a standalone DVD/VCD/* set top player (Samsung). In this set top player the VCD’s were not recognized. Surely due to compatibility issues, not Liteon burning quality.

CD’s are simpler than VCD’s (so more unlikely to get compatibility problems), but with this small experience I would say: burn 1 or 2 CD’s and try out there to test if your CD players can really ‘full-play’ them, for example, the one of your car, if that’s the case

Hope this info helps somebody. Good luck :slight_smile: