411@811 bad results at end of disc (weird)

Ok i have probley burned and ripped over a 1000 discs on my burner. All of the sudden i have been getting very poor results from kprobe at the end of my blanks. These same blanks burned fine just fine the other day. I know its not the media cuase ive tried lots of differnt stuff all with a major increase in errors right at the end. For ex:I will have an avg of 2.13 pi and 0.00 po till about 95% near the end then the pi will go to max 600 and the po will go around 50. Could my burner be shitting the bricks or is somthing else going on?
B.t.w… im running HSOK and ive burned discs in nero, recordnow max, and dvd dycrypter.

any help would be great
thanks josh

Just an update. Just burned a movie on a prodisc that was. ruoghly 4.17gigs in lenght not even close to the border and heres the results i got. Proving my point that its not bad meadia. And i used to get around 25.00 avg pi with this media.

maybe try HS0Q !!! works well for me even in my fireware encloser

I reflashed My eeprom and everything seemed to clear up. Does the eeprom have anything to do with the registry of the computer? Cuase i used reg scrub and deleted some things the other day. but heres my new scan :iagree:

i have the same problem and can’t get rid of it. Could you post your procedure to flash your drive and all the hack that u use ?
it’s to see if u have the same configuration or a bit different. So i would test it that way

Same for me. Please tell us your flashing steps in detail!

Well all i did was use the ltnFlash (read warning threads before use) and flashed my 411@811 eeprom reboot (just incase) and then flashed my hsok with the omnipatcher(to config read speed and burn speed etc.) and then everything seems good again. Did this just happen or has it been happing for a while? Also does it happen at the end of the disk like all 4.64 gigs of it or does it still happen if you burn lets say 3 gigs? If it dosnt then its probly the media…


First scan was PRODISCR02, second CMC MAGF01, i think thats the difference and not the reflash of your eeprom.

i tested it with ricohprn001 media which is said good. I got better result than with low cost media but my burns are still bad and actually better in the begin than in the end of the burn…

I will try the omnipatcher, maybe it will adjust my writer…

Nope my prodiscs are back to normal too .I was just trying to prove a point with scanning a Cmc, as they are stated to be some of the worst. They have given me nothing but great results so im not goin to complain. And heres a scan of a prodisc i just burned… Not great but much better…

the eeprom changes after each disc burned “resetting” it to the original state was probably a good idea. some people think that the drive is “learning” with each burn… i guess you unlearned it :wink: