40x12x48x will it make backups of renegade?

can any 1 with the same drive tell me if it will give me fully working backups (will play in all cd roms)of games like gta3 and renegade using clonecd4 and clony xxl ?

LiteOn is capable of copying all (? almost all ? More than any other writer can!) data-protections used nowadays, except Tages (Tages is uncopyable for all available drives).

Originally posted by airfix
can i just use the settings that clony xxl gves to clonecd or do i have to use certain settings if so can u tell me what settings i need .also will they play in all cdrw and cdrom drives ?thanx for the help and keep the good work up

You have the following options:

[li]just use the general game profile, used in CloneCD V4
[/li][li]find out which protection Renegade uses and use a specific profile for this protection found in the sticky topic in the CloneCD forum
[/li][li]use Clony XXL and let it pass it settings to CloneCD

Note: when you want to use the backup in your CD-RW, you might need the ‘hide cdr’-option from the CloneCD tray-icon.

If you have more questions, read the sticky threads in the CloneCD forum. These threads have a lot of info regarding the use of CloneCD and backing up protected cds.