40x12x48 burns RW @ 4x w/ SMARTBURN disabled!?!

This is buggin the hell out of me. Ok, I know my 40x12x48 can burn at 12x just fine for RW’s, because it burned the included 12x RW @ 12x. But, I have a couple 4x RW’s that I want to burn at 12x, but Nero won’t let me! I have the newest firmware for my burner, the newest drivers, and the newest Nero, and even when I turn “SMARTBURN” off, it still only says my max RW writing speed for my 4x media is 4x! What Gives!? This SMARTBURN thing is only supposed to function when its ON! Not OFF! Any clues as to whats going on???



AFAIK, CD-RW’s can’t be written to at more than the rated speed (irrespective of the SmartBurn setting). Or perhaps I’m wrong.

There are:

For these, no higher speed is possible.

[li]4x-10x-Speed: some of them can be written at 12x
Unlike CD-Rs, CD-RWs contain the min and max speed in their ATIP.