40X plextor burning at 17x...PIO Mode?

I have a plexiwriter 40/12/40A burner (winx pro) running it on IDE
channel 2 as the primary drive (jumper set as master) with my dvd drive. I burned 4 discs and it burned them at: 3:15 to burn 354 MB disk, 4:33 to burn a 500MB disk, 3:33 to burn a 406MB disk, and 3:09 to burn a 346MB disk…something isnt right…any suggestions…im not sure how fast that is, but doesnt seem like a 40X speed. I have the latest firmware. Any suggestions on how i can get my burner to burn at the correct speed? In the device manager under secondary IDE channel, the burner is listed as device type: auto detection, Transfer Mode: DMA if available (PIO is another that can be selected) and current transfer mode: PIO… My dvd drive which is the slave has multi-word dma2 selected as the current transfer mode…

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WinXP sometimes spontaneously resets ATAPI devices like burners from DMA mode to PIO mode. When this happens, performance suffers significantly as has happened with your system.

This is a bug in WinXP with no real solution as yet, but there is a workaround that will fix it until it happens again:

Go to Device Manager and remove the secondary IDE channel to which the burner is connected and reboot. On system startup, the IDE channel and burner will be redetected and DMA hopefully should be enabled for the Plextor. Check in Device Manger to confirm that DMA is enabled. :wink:

thats was it…thanks alot



Does anyone know a cure for this problem (241040) using Win98SE? My plextor only works in PIO mode and no amount of deleting the DMA controller and rebooting, drivers (bus master), etc, work.

I know people use the del+reboot option uisng WinXP or update the via drivers but I am using Intel not Via chipsets.

Many thanks.


Post your system configuration including motherboard model and all installed hardware devices and cards.

What is the connection setting in the system BIOS for the Plextor? Is it on auto-detect? Hopefully it is not set to PIO. :bigsmile:

You may have run out of DMA channels. To free up some channels, try the following:

In the system BIOS, if the parallel port is configured for ECP (extended capabilities), change it to EPP or SPP (enhanced or standard mode).

In Device Manager, in Sound, Video and Game Controllers, is Soundblaster DOS emulation enabled? If so, disable this feature. If you don’t play DOS games you will never need it.

If you are not using your serial ports, disable them in the BIOS. This doesn’t affect DMA, but frees IRQ resources.