40X plextor burning at 16X(?)

I have a plexiwriter 40/12/40A burner (winxpro) running it on IDE channel 2 as the primary drive (jumper set as master) with my dvd drive. I burned 4 discs and it burned them at: 3:15 to burn 354 MB disk, 4:33 to burn a 500MB disk, 3:33 to burn a 406MB disk, and 3:09 to burn a 346MB disk…something isnt right…any suggestions…im not sure how fast that is, but doesnt seem like a 40X speed. I have the latest firmware. Any suggestions on how i can get my burner to burn at the correct speed


Do you have 80 pin IDE cable ?? ATA66 Cable ?

80 pin

The secrets about it ,its few …
All that you need is one 80 pin cable
DMA enabled in the device manager .
Or ,if it is INTEL based system use the IAA 2.2 , it will do the job by it self …

The Burner always start the burning from 16X and it speed up step by step .
You will see the top speed only with 600-700 burning material
And if the media that you will burn is good quality , use the PoweRec disable command , or else the burner it will burn at the max speed that the media can officially handle …

I have just say all the tips together , if you can not understand them , try the FAQ .

If you have VIA motherboard , i can not give you any further tips.