40x MAX P-CAV Write test on my YAMAHA CRW-F1?

hi pple,

Recently i started testing with Nero CD Speed 1.02 and i’ve noticed that my 44x CRW-F1 burner could only write 40x max in P-CAV mode when i did ‘Write Transfer Rate Test’. I’ve read the reviews on this site, CDR Info, and CDRLabs and in all of those reviews i noticed that the F1 is capable of doin at least 43x CAV.

I dont’ know why i cant go any faster than 40x P-CAV. I did many tests with the same result, when it reached 40x it just kept goin flat until the end. I tested with mostly 48X 80min blanks but i doubt that they r the reason. The firmware is 1.0f

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.