40x lite-on now a 12x in xp

I have been screwing around with many copy programs for the past couple of weeks(blindwrite,clonecd,fire burner,win iso,nero,alcohol 120%)and I don’t know it this is the problem or not but , but just reciently within the last 6 or 7 days my lite-on 40x10x48 and my Mitsumi 4x4x24 burner has been virtually turned into 12x readers and a very slow writer on all types of media.When I go to read a disk the light on the front of the the burner blinks about 3 to 4 times a second like it is having trouble reading the disk and once every second or so when it is writing, but I shouldn’t have problems with all the disks that I own. One more thing is that it all works fine under win 98.Im thinking that there must be some sort of setting that I have overlooked to get these drives back in order.

1.2 Ghz AMD Athlon
Abit kt7a
512 Mb
2x 40 Gb Maxtor Raid 0 Windows XP Pro
1x 40 Gb Maxtor Windows 98se DMA enabled
Geforce 4 Ti4200
Lite-on 40x12x48 DMA enabled
mitsumi 4x4x24 DMA enabled
300 watt Aopen Power supply

With all of the above programs running , it’s quite feasible that one of them is fighting with your hardware and operating system configuration.

Since there is no way in telling what might have been the cause , i advise to install a single writer and a single harddisk to your computer , installing Windows 98 on it and see if the hardware is still suffering from these problems.

I guess I should have said that I have uninstalled all but nero and clonecd .I also dual boot my system , win 98 on the 1x 40 Gb hard drive ond XP Pro on the 80Gb raid array and both burners work just fine under win 98se.I also checked my start up and just have the minimum applications starting,norton AV, windows messanger, and zone alarm.
Any other suggestions?

you have cd bremse or cd speed installed ?

yes I have cd speed installed and it says that it is a CLV and a maximum speed of 12.? and an average speed of 11. something. thats kind of funny cause I thought that this lite-on was a CAV or atleast a partial CAV. I just burned a cd and set it at 12x and the buffer kept dropping down the red burn light would turn yellow the buffer would catch up, then the red burn lite would comeon again then the buffer would run down again (round and around) till the 600 Mb disk was finished. It was a SVCD and it seemed to be an OK copy cause it played in my RCA DVD player. Oh well if I can’t find a fix for it in a week or so I’m just going to reinstall XP.

deactivate CD speed

got it fixed! For some reason windows xp was only letting both cdroms run in PIO mode instead of UDMA 2 that makes all the differnce in the world. At first just enavling DMA if available would not work, I had to physically remove the drives and swap their ports for windows to do a full detecion of that hardware, just uninstalling then rebooting wouldn’t do it. Oh well, all is good, Nero CD Speed is now showing a top read speed of 47.99x instead of 12x !
Thanks for all the help