40x certified disks anywhere

I have had success burning Mitsui and Taiyo Yuden 32x and even 24x disks at 40x but I would like to find some disks that actually are certified as 40x but I have not seen any around the internet.

Has anyone found any 40x certified disks as opposed to lesser certified disks that can burn at 40x? :confused:


Would be nice to point out that those discs at the plextor-shop are “32x certified, 40x compatible”…

Yes, I bought them and they say 32x.

I just wanted to let everyone know that there are certified 40x TDK taiyo yuden CDs at CompUSA tommorow 4/21. Check their ad at www.compusa.com tommorow.

Thanks, that was great. I bought 50 over the internet just in case they run out before I get there.:cool:

The 40x TDKs are not TY, but Ritek type 7. They will burn at 40x with the TEAC 40x and Lite-on 40x burners, but only at 32x with the plex 40x burner. Target stores are supposed to have Memorex 40x (CMC) according to Ian at CDRLabs, but I haven’t checked today, yet.

Well, then I am kind of glad I only got the 50 I ordered. I didn’t get a chance to go to CompUSA for any more. I don’t usually buy Ritek but let’s see what goes with these. I do have a Liteon 40x so they should be okay. I have plenty of TY and Mitsui left anyway that although rated 24x and 32x burn at 40x.:slight_smile:

runner1000000, any hint when Liteon is going to cut loose with their famous new firmware upgrade?:confused: :cool:


There isn’t much information given on these, but at least they’re cheap.

That certainly seems like a worthwhile buy @17cents each. That is if they work at all. Farad, have you done business with this company before?

You are indeed correct, they are Ritek. I checked the 32x spindle which was next to it at CompUSA and when I took the 40x spindle home I quickly smelt the terrible smell of Ritek. I am going to take these back tommorow, my plextor has a hard time writing to them, and even my plextor scsi cd-rom, my sony ide cd-rom, and my plextor-ide burner have major trouble reading the data on ritek cds. I think i am just going to go back to using my TDK 32x 100 pack spindle that were TY. At least those dont get hundreds of errors and not work.

Nope, never burned any of em, just saw it on pricewatch. :smiley:

I went by two target stores today, but no 40x memorex yet. Those of you that have plexs might want to try the Targets and Best Buys in your area over the next couple of weeks as they should be getting memorex (CMC) 40x media which should work well with the plex and burn at 40x.

KenL, I can’t say when the new fw is coming out. I expected it to be out by now. It’s such a big move for Lite-on that I think they are probably polishing it up to make sure that they get a very positive response. It can burn in a hurry!

Okay, thanks. It is a big deal.:cool: