40x @ 48x can I now upgrade frrom 48x to 52x?

I have flashed my 40x to a 48x, and it works perfectly…(THANKS EVERYONE!)

I read you cant upgrade the 40x to a 52x, but since mine is now a 48x, can I flash it to a 52x??

You cant upgrade from 48125W to a 52x drive, because:
48125W: 48x12x48
52246S: 52x24x52

  1. RW-Speed ist doubled
  2. Mediatek Chipset 6 and not 5!
    The highest oc-speed you can reach with a 40125x is 48x!

Ahh gotcha, thanks! Thats all I need to know…I am happy with the extra 8x write speed!!