40¢ TYG02 Fuji 50pk @ Best Buy

For those in the states…

I thought this was a great price for Taiyo Yudens, picked up two 8x Fujifilm DVD-R 50pc spindles (Made in Japan :slight_smile: for $40, 40¢/disc


That is a kicka$$ price for some kicka$$ media-


I got 200 of them today :slight_smile:

Lousy Best Buy Canada… get some of those Fujifilm spindles in :frowning:

Just like to add that the 8X +R are also the same price. Look for the same TY Cake Box with Made in Japan label and you have yourself some TY T02/00.
My local BB does not have the -R but have tons of +R.

The 8x +Rs are on sale for the same price, 50/$19.95. My local store had the Made in Japan TY T02s in the wide lipped TY spindles.


You can get TWO spindles for $19.99 if you take Sunday’s Circuit City ad with you.

There’s a coupon in there for “Buy one get one free” on any DVD media and Best Buy will price match that.

Now even more do I wish I were American. :slight_smile:

krkdnose, when you bring the Circuit City ad with you to BestBuy, do you show it to the cashier when you get ready to pay for the Fuji discs, or do you need to go to customer service first?

Just take it to the cashier and give ask them if they’ll honor it. They’ll probably have to ask a manager, who will either let you use it or not. I didn’t have any problems and I went to two different stores to get them.

Now I just have to return the ones I bought earlier in the day without the coupon :slight_smile:

I’ll see if BestBuy near me will let me get two spindles for the price of one as well.

I just did it again this morning :slight_smile:

I’ve tried three different Best Buy stores and it worked at each of them (had to stop at Circuit City to get some extra fliers).

The first two times I did it (yesterday), the cashier had to ask a manager if it was ok and they approved it. This morning the cashier just did it on her own.

Before you give them the discs to ring up, just say “Will you price match this Circuit City buy-one-get-one-free offer on DVDs” and point them to the ad. If they do it, great. If not, just tell them never mind. Or buy the discs anyway. They’re still a good deal at $19.99

My local bestbuy won’t pricematch because the policy is it must be local (near, 20 mins drive, not online price) and the nearest Circuit City is an hour drive. argh… When will the CC sale ended?

11/14/04 - 11/24/04 is what my coupon says. Also would you use the buy 1 get 1 on the Verbatim 16X 25 pack or the Fuji 8X TY-02’s? or both lol

Hmmm…could of bought 2 for one with the PM coupon…then returned the 2nd…Free DVD’s!

I remember an article about how Best Buy wanted to get rid of their “bad” customers, those who bought something, sent in the rebate, then returned the item (which I can understand), but also those who bought their “loss leaders” (items marked down to a negative price point to draw people to the stores.) Best Buy wants to have their cake and eat it too :stuck_out_tongue:

I got 2 spindles of DVD+R today at BestBuy for $21 and change. The cashier took it without any problems. I’m happy that I got 100 TY discs for $20 :smiley:

That looks like a price of low-quality 4x DVD-R media made in China.

So TY made in Japan not being that expensive is true in the United States as well. You can get one good 16x DVD writer plus 200 good 16x-ready media for US$100.

Well Kenshin it’s kind of a quirk for this week only. The regular price for the spindles is $39.99. Online unbranded TY 8x media is about $30 for 50 (you probably know this already though).

Glad it worked for you :slight_smile:

Now go buy that BenQ 1620 and you’ll be all set :wink:

:iagree: I just went to Best Buy here in Ft. Worth, Texas and they honored the Circuit City ad also. 100 T02s for $21.64USD :bigsmile: