408th comic ... Garfield's 30th birthday! Thank you Garfield!



Heya everybody,

(by the way… everybody here now should know that I always start my post with “Heya everybody” … did you notice that?) :iagree:

…today I’d like to say THANK YOU to our big, fat… err… I mean big boned… orange cat. This cat has given me lots of good and fun times. So today we will celebrate Garfield’s 30th birthday. What a day… and yeah lots of candles on the birthday cake…

So check out this special moment. Garfield wants to say something special to you ALL:

Enjoy and have a nice week!



Heya Alex!! :wink:

Great comic!! Our cat is getting old. :iagree:


And you were worried that you were losing your humor! I think not.
Another great and funny comic, thank you Alex.


LOL! I love it. Can’t get any better than this. :clap:

Thanks, [B]Alex[/B]. :slight_smile:


Thank you Alex and Happy Birthday Garfield


Lolololol :slight_smile:
Happy (belated) birthday :slight_smile: