4082B glitches

I seem to have a problem with my LG super multi GSA-4082B under WinXP Pro.

It will not play DVDs or CDs or anything… It just claims that it is a DVD-RAM drive and when I double click on it in My Computer it just accesses it and shows me there is nothing on it, regardless if there is a disc in the drive or not…

I have had this problem previously anc cured it by uninstalling some software or other - but can I remember what I did - or how I find it - no chance!

I have tried uninstalling the drivers - when I reboot it just installs the same ones again and I am back to square one.

I have now been trying to sort it for several hours - and its beginning to annoy me - anyone got anything I can try?



After a month I had similar problems with this drive. Finally it wasn’t even able to recognize pressed DVDs. I brought the drive back an got a new one.