4082b cant "lead out"


that drives is new. Cant “lead out” with Nero any media I put in it. Data or movies. Tried a few DVD-RW and DVD-R.

Anything I should know ?


using firmware A208 , W2K (but I have same problem if I install it in a computer running XP).


Insufficient info.

What Nero version, what media ???


Nero , Medias: Memorex 4x and 8x, Rytek 4x and 8x
All DVD-R and 1 Memorex DVD-RW 4x.

Burns fine until the end (lead out).


Update Nero in any case to

If possible, try with higher quality media.

I really dont think that this will help (the 4082B is a very old drive and Im using the latest firmware).

My friend is coming with a Verbatim media and Nero Ill tell you later.