4082B burring only at 1X

I recently bought a 4082B (used) and it is only buring at 1x. I am using 4x memorex DVD+R media with Roxio 6 software.
Is there any way to verify the firmware on the drive? Is it worth upgrading to A206?

Go to visit http://www.nero.com and download Nero demo version. Run infotool from there and find out what firmware version your 4082B has. It’ll be mostly likely version 200. If it’s burning 4x DVD+R at 1x, there must be some problem. Update it to 206, nothing to lose.

Updating the firmware requires that the LG Burner is set to secondary master with no slave on the same IDE? Where Im I suppose to set up my second optical drive (DVD ROM)?
Dont really want to make it a slave to my hardrive.
Any suggestions?

i dun think setting ur LG drive as sec mas is a must.with or without slave drive shall not be an issue at all.