4081B Problem


I have a 4081B DVD Writer and it was working fine till about 2 days ago when it completely stopped reading CDs or CDRs. It only recognizes DVDs and DVDR/Ws.
I have tried downloading firmwares and nothing changed it…

When I put cdr’s in the drive to burn for example (nero 6 ultra), it tells me that I have to wait for the drive to get ready. Then it doesn’t do anything and the speed indicator on the media wont show. When I take the cdr out of the drive, it shows the burning speed at 24x (normal).
I have tried burning audio cds with nero, adaptec, itunes and none of them recognized the cdr (different media was tested as well).

Then I asked myself if it was cds in general and it was. It wont see any cds, just DVD media.
Can anyone please help? Ive called LG and their support is shittier then a used car salesman.

i have the same problem - could anybody solve it?
Same DVD writer, winxpSP2, Nero Ultra, but i cannot burn or erase CD-RWs (and burn on CD-Rs). Device is getting ready.
Please help me - via ICQ (241-189-925)
Thanks a lot

SOLUTION: SEND IT BACK TO LG. RMA the drive and hopefully they will honor their warranty if its within the first year.