406th comic - Is our Blindwrite cat old and fat?



Heya everbody,

so Nermal and Garfield are discussing Garfield’s “job” as Blindwrite cat… and Nermal is … well… very brave today… I think it will be a very interesting conversation.

New week has started and here’s the new comic:

Bye Nermal!
See you soon again in my comics! :iagree::doh:;):clap:




lol, well i must say i dont envy nermal.


Yo Alex-

Your back and it’s great-eh!!!


I love me some Garfield. Just wish he wasn’t so destructive. :bigsmile:

Thank you, Alex. :slight_smile:



Err … how many blindwrite cat’s have there been? :wink:


That gotta hurt!! :eek: :wink: