405th comic - Dedicated to the year 2001's first comics!

Heya everbody,

remember those times back in 2001? Remember when I joined this forum to warn everybody because the patin-couffin engine did not work for me?

So I decided to post a little Garfield comic…

This one here was the first comic of all:

…during the last years I decided to create some little series and stories about … for example … the Blindwrite hotline… Mrs Feeny… the Daily News! … and NOT to forget the evil toaster… and now we have more than 405 comics and could fill up a whole photo album…

…so today I would like everybody to remember the golden years of 2001… and this is why I publish THIS new comic.

Comic number 405… dedicated to the year 2001:

We can’t change the past… but we can change the future! If anybody here is sure we will reach the comic number 500… well I don’t know but never say never :iagree:

Have a nice weekend!


Yo Alex-

Of course - I don’t remember 2001 - but I have been a dedicated fan since 2004!

Please keep up the good work-eh!!


Alex most times I am laughing to hard to post a reply, keep me laughing please.

Alex, as always, you’re bringing a smile to my face. You do great work, man. Really appreciate it! :clap:

Helo dear comunity

I remember them all!!!

I’ve read them all!!!

They’re great!!!

:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: