4040B unable to r/w CDs but DVDs work

I have a 4040B that is just unable to read or write CDs, but it still works for DVD discs. I have upgraded the firmware to the latest (A304) and that has had no effect in helping the drive to recognize CDs. Any ideas about what could be wrong with the drive. BTW I have another 4040B, with same manufacture date, that works just fine with CDs. Thanks in advance.

Sorry, I can’t shed any light on your problem but I can say that you’re not alone. My 4040B never could burn CDs-or rather it would go through the burn cycle (with Nero or Alcohol) with no problems but the disk would have massive CRC errors when checked. It reads CDs fine. It never bothered me enough to take any action except now it’s started to do the same thing with DVDs. My drive is just on the end of its warranty, so I’m going to try and get it replaced.