4040B Experiences?




What do you think of your burn quality from the 4040B? Do you need to use good quality disks? (I use Maxell) Do you get highish PI/PO errors but acceptable even on good media?



I don’t use good quality disc with no errors for my data, I use Bulkpaq bought from ebuyer.com. Firmware A303


I’ve been using the 4040 for a little while now and am completely satisfied. I have used KHypermedia and Memorex. I am still working to understand the PI/PO. I can get bad PI towards the end of a disc, but I do not see any problems when watching in my new Cyberhome 300 (standalone). I have upgraded the firmware to A302… I actually found this thread because I’m looking to update to A303.

I’m happy with mine, my coworker is very happy with his.


It’s available in the download section.


I have a box of Bulkpaq orange and find that they are ok for <4Gb burns but >4Gb and they tend to have major read errors. <4Gb the error rates are high but don’t prevent reading.

Personally I find Verbatim Printable DVD-R, Maxell DVD+R, Ricoh DVD+RW, and Maxell DVD-R to be very good on this drive. But cheap media is a hit or miss afair, for example good Princos and good Ritek G04s burn beautifully but bad ones are coaster material.

My summary, not a drive to risk cheap media unless you don’t mind risking low quality backups.

As for data backups, the DVD-RAM may be a slow format but combined with a compressing backup tool (I use the Nero one) it is fantastically reliable.